Relaxation massage Easy and gentle massage meant to improve circulation and body movement. Reduces stress and helps in relieving sore muscles. With this massage we achieve complete relaxation of the body.


Medical massage Depending on the client’s condition this massage will achieve a certain therapeutic effect. The massage is mediocre in pressure and is something between the relaxation massage and the sports massage.  


Sport’s massage Deep – tissue massage with more intense pressure, improving circulation. It is usually used to treat so called ‘trigger-point’ in the body and will improve the movement of certain areas of the body.

This massage can be applied prior or after physical exercise.

The biggest benefit is complete rehabilitation as a result of any kind of physical exercise and has a positive effect on our PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH.


There is nothing better than a massage by two physiotherapists simultaneously. You will experience double relaxation.


Anti-cellulite massage Most effective in treating cellulite, breaking down of deep and obstinate lumpiness under the skin. It brings back the tone of the skin and improves circulation in the legs.

During the massage we use a combination of anti-cellulite oil and milk for the additional break down of cellulite.

We have regular anti-cellulite massages  as well as anti-cellulite massage  + ERGON IASTM which will speed up the break-down of cellulite and enhance toned legs.

All massages are applied only by our physiotherapists who have a wide knowledge of medical pathology.


This is a therapeutic approach where static and dynamic movements are being applied upon the soft structures of the body with special medical tools called ERGON.
The tools are being applied on certain “trigger points” and have high beneficial effects :

    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Improvement of deep circulation
    • Reducing of swelling
    • Reducing/relieving pain
    • Treatment of muscle and sport injuries
    • Reduces spasm felt in muscles
    • Improvement of complete body movement
    • Brings more oxygen to the cells
    • Improves elasticity on the skin
    • Stimulates collagen production
    • Stimulates the so called “anti-aging” effect
    • Reduces cellulite on critical zones

With the help of the ERGON tools we are able to locate the problematic area, prepare the tissue and apply the technique land reducing any pain. This technique may only be applied by a certified ERGON therapist.