The individual program is meant for everyone who needs a little bit more support in achieving their goals! Together with your personal trainer and coach, upon a conducted consultation and a body scan analysis, you will set your goals, your individual training schedule and individual nutrition plan. You will exercise in an appropriate program just for you according to your physical condition and goal to be achieved.

The complete program contains :

  • 10 individual trainings in the infrared cabin
  • Personal trainer & coaching
  • 24/7 motivation & support
  • Individual nutrition plan
  • Width measurement of the body
  • Body scan analysis

The results of this program are fast, easily evident and long term!



Full body workout in a group of 4 women, where apart from enjoying the benefits of the infrared light, everyone gets to exercise a high variety of trainings with added equipment. It’s the perfect way to boost up your motivation! It is fun and your whole body gets to move!

The group training is by a prior fixed scheduled two times per week which requires a monthly subscription.


Full body workout together with your friend, neighbor, mother, sister or colleague…

During the exercise you will enjoy all the benefits from the infrared light with different dynamics and equipment.

Tandem TFM requires a monthly subscription. Appointments are made individually, which means, either way; you will never skip your workout!